Partnership for chemical feed systems

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EGM is a leading producer of value-added process and chemical feed systems for a wide range of industries and applications. Their equipment design and manufacturing expertise is backed with years of specialty chemical sales, service, and application development experience.

KROHNE and EGM LLC are now partnering, to support KROHNE and EGM customers in Europe and Asia with local KROHNE built EGM feed systems.

For the past several years, EGM customers that operate on a global basis have inquired about EGM expanding services to other parts of the world. Previously, meeting that challenge was out of reach, but the new partnership will change this, offering a range of advantages to mutual customers – such as:

  • Consistent equipment design, function, operation, and performance from region to region

  • Locally sourced (based on the region of manufacture and final use) commodity components for ease of maintenance and spare parts

  • Power panels configured for appropriate end-user locations

  • Fittings and connection sizes consistent with “in country” requirements

The photo shows an ASA Size Emulsification System. This is used for preparing a sizing agent for the paper manufacturing industry. Sizing helps impart water resistance to the paper so it is often used in the production of grades of paper used for printing, packaging and construction.